Memorial Gifts

Fiscal Year 2018 Report to Contributors

In memory of Ingeborg Ahrens Tuttle, MD
Acute Disease Epidemiology Section Staff, GA Dept. of Public Health
Cherie L. Drenzek, DVM, EIS ’95

In memory of all the victims of the hurricanes
Dr. Sandra Steiner*

In memory of Ms. Krishna Aneja
Varun Rishi

In memory of Thomas A. Bartenfeld III, PhD*
Dr. Martha Alexander*

In memory of Rizwana Bibi
Ms. Kris Tsau

In memory of Ms. Sakeena Bibi
Ms. Kris Tsau

In memory of Mr. Truett Cathy
Mr. Christopher King

In memory of William A. Champagne Jr.
Eileen A. Clinton

In memory of Louisa E. Chapman, EIS ’88*
Dr. Tom Eng, EIS ’87

In memory of Ms. Cecelia Consing
Seeson and Kathryn Mahathavorn

In memory of Dr. Raj Du Bois
Mr. Gene W. Matthews

In memory of CDR Mary Ann Duncan, DVM, MPH, EIS ’04*
Dr. Kathy Ritger, EIS ’04

In memory of Mrs. Sarah T. Fries
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Marshall Kreuter and Martha Katz
Kreuter/Katz Family Fund

In memory of Mr. Javier Garza
Dr. Alvaro Garza, EIS ’84

In memory of Mr. Robert James Gunther
Ms. Cathryn E. Gunther and Mr. Benjamin S. Mosher and Family

In memory of Ms. Zara Hawthorne
Sue Lin Yee*

In memory of Mr. Robert A. Keegan
Brent Burkholder and Debbie Cannon
Ms. Lauren Keegan
Dr. Craig N. Shapiro, EIS ’87*
Don and Julie Taylor
Leo and Aliki Weakland
YourCause, LLC

In memory of Dr. Katrin S. Kohl, EIS ’97
Ann M. Buff, MD, EIS ’06*
Mr. Stephen Farrell
Kathryn Harben*

In memory of Louise Martin, DVM, MS, EIS ’85
Dr. Stephen L. Cochi, EIS ’82* and Ms. Jane Skvarich

In memory of Mrs. Peggy Noble
Dr. Gary Noble, EIS ’65

In memory of William T. Porter, JD
Marshall Kreuter and Martha Katz

In memory of Sally Schieffelin Potter
Mr. Jay S. Potter

In memory of Mr. Larry L. Rhea
Ms. Susan Birdwell
Paul and Betty Swasko

In memory of Juan G. Rodriguez, EIS ’84
Dr. Alvaro Garza, EIS ’84

In memory of Ms. Begum K. Sadiq
Ms. Fatema Sadiq*

In memory of Dr. Paul C. Schnitker, EIS ’69
John P. Schnitker and S. Elizabeth Weaver
Schwab Charitable Fund

In memory of Kathy Seiber, MS, RS, PHPS ’11
Dr. Joseph F. Perz, EIS ’99*

In memory of Helen Stokes
Marshall Kreuter and Martha Katz

In memory of Mr. William Taylor
Ms. Elaine Bevans

In memory of Stephen B. Thacker, MD, MSc, USPHS, EIS ’76
Al and Barbara Baumstark
Mr. Richard Bernstein
Dr. John T. Brooks, EIS ’98*
Dr. Ken Dominguez, EIS ’91*
Luz Thacker
Dr. Greg Heath, EIS ’85
Dr. Xia Michelle Lin, EIS ’13*
Anne and Ken Powell, EIS ’74
Karen B. Probst
Lynda Cupell Roth
Gerry and Ron Sattele
Dr. Theresa Sipe*
Bill and Susan Smith
Ms. Linda Wade

In memory of Mr. Jack Vaught
Janet Arrowsmith, EIS ’84

In memory of Dr. Saul T. Wilson Jr.
Dr. Gregory L. Parham, EIS ’80

*  CDC employee or CDC employee at the time of donation

Donor for 5 or more yearsContributor of five or more consecutive years

^  Deceased