The Margaret Ellerbe Mahoney Society

Fiscal Year 2018 Report to Contributors

The CDC Foundation board of directors created The Margaret Ellerbe Mahoney Society in 1998 to honor Ms. Mahoney for her service to the board and her vital support of Foundation initiatives since its inception. Widely respected in philanthropic circles as the “Grande Dame” of philanthropy, she devoted her career to working with philanthropies focused on health, education, arts and the humanities. She worked in key roles at the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Commonwealth Fund. Ms. Mahoney was a strong advocate of the CDC Foundation until her passing in 2011. The Margaret Ellerbe Mahoney Society recognizes leadership donors who have given $1,000 or more in gifts or in-kind services during the year.

Anonymous (5)
Mr. Mike Abreu
Mr. David S. Aldridge
Larry Anderson, EIS ’77 and Karen Torghele
Laura Angel
Rhona Applebaum, PhD
Ms. Donna Asimakos
Chad Atwell
Ioan Batran
Dr. Raymond Baxter and the Honorable Aida Alvarez
Ben* and Linda Beard Laura H. Boland
Alan and Katharine Bremer
Mr. Boyd Browning*
Dr. William L. Budde
Dr. Joanna Buffington, EIS ’90
Mr. Peter Buffington
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Burks
Mr. Jose Cardenas
Ms. Angela Chang
Joan Cioffi, PhD
Mr. Sanford R. Climan
Dr. Stephen L. Cochi, EIS ’82* and Ms. Jane Skvarich
Mr. Gary M. Cohen
Dr. Bernhoff A. Dahl, EIS ’69
Leah M. Devlin, DDS, MPH
Walter, EIS Hon. ’91 and Mabel Dowdle
Jim and Donna Down
Dr. Peter Dull, EIS ’00 and Dr. Judith Tsui
Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, MBA
Luz Thacker
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Fries
Dr. James F. Fries
Dr. B.W. Furness, EIS ’98*
Kristin and Rick Getter
Thijs Geurts
Marie R. Griffin, MD, MPH, EIS ’79
Dr. Stephen C. Hadler* and Ms. Claudia A. Fedarko
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Henderson, EIS ’65
Mr. Stuart H. Hillman
Mr. Edward Hirst
Richard E. Hoffman, MD, MPH, EIS ’78
Ms. Liz Holzhauser
Robin Ikeda, EIS ’91 and Jonathan Waltuck
Kathleen Irwin, MD*
Mr. and Ms. Arthur Jackson
Rachel Ward Jackson
Phil and Jenny Jacobs
Matt James
Ruth J. Katz, JD, MPH
Mr. Philip I. Kent
Ms. Betty E. King
Dick and Marianne Kipper
Ms. Dawn Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Klepchick Jr.

Elliott and Barbara Levitas
Deborah Levy, EIS ’96* and Bert Russo
Ms. Linda Liu
Seeson and Kathryn Mahathavorn
Dr. Eric-Jan Manders* and Mrs. Olivia C. Manders
James, EIS ’76 and Judith Marks
Ms. Linda Kay McGowan and Dr. John McGowan, EIS ’69
Dr. and Mrs. W. Paul McKinney, EIS ’81
Mr. Michael Melneck*
Dr. Judy Monroe and Dr. Robert Lubitz
Mr. Dikembe Mutombo
Christina Nelson, MD, MPH*
Douglas and Linda Nelson
Dr. Wendy Nelson, EIS ’85
John and Verla Neslund
Dr. Gary Noble, EIS ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Norwalk
Carmine L. Novembre, MPH, CPH
Mrs. Franca G. Oreffice
Dr. Mark A. Pallansch*
Dr. Marguerite Pappaioanou, EIS ’83*
Ms. Jenny Parker*
Mr. Mark Parzynski
Ms. Abby Peck
Mr. Leigh T. Phillips
Mr. Michael Poarch
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ratcliffe
Mr. Manideep Ravi
Mr. John G. Rice
Peter C. and Trudi Richardson
Patrick A. Robinson, MD, EIS ’78
Ms. Hazel A.D. Sanger
Dr. and Mrs. David Satcher
Gerry and Ron Sattele
John P. Schnitker and S. Elizabeth Weaver
Anne Schuchat, EIS ’88*
The Seniors and Staff of CCACC Adult Day Care Center and the Matching Fund
Dr. Frederic E. Shaw, EIS ’83 and Dr. Judy Kruger, EIS ’01*
Dr. Julie Sinclair, EIS ’04* Ms. Mary Spidahl
Mr. John Sprogis
Ms. Eva St. Clair
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stokes
Mrs. Martha and Mr. Robert Supnik
Nancy and Peter Tartikoff
Jeffrey L. Tharp
S.C. Trock, EIS ’87*
Ms. Nancy Ullmann-Schneider
David Stone and Marni Vliet Stone
Mr. Mark Volker
Karen Whaley and Marvin Whaley
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Yellowlees
Barry and Dawn Zurbuchen

*  CDC employee or CDC employee at the time of donation

Donor for 5 or more yearsContributor of five or more consecutive years

^  Deceased