Honor Gifts

Fiscal Year 2018 Report to Contributors

In honor of Laura Angel
Ms. Jennie Johnston*

In honor of Mr. Alexander M. Arnstein
Mr. Aaron Arnstein

In honor of Terri Bailey
Amy Pulver

In honor of Ashley and Sam Adams Boylan
Marilyn Malcolmson

In honor of Ms. Maryanne Brush
Amy Pulver

In honor of Joan and Jeff Burton
Ms. Sheila Conroy

In honor of Caleb, Jacob, Logan and Ella
Ms. Marquita McMichael

In honor of CDC Colleagues
Ms. Heather Hughes*

In honor of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Mr. Boyd Browning*

In honor of Nancy Cheal, PhD*
Ms. Carol Goettl

In honor of Captain Pamela L.Y.H. Ching, EIS ’92*
Donna Ching and Richard Leman, EIS ’00

In honor of Mr. Bennett Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Clarke

In honor of Mr. Holden Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Clarke

In honor of Ms. Woinitu Demamu
Endeshaw Meheret*

In honor of Dr. and Mrs. John Dewar
Dr. David* and Mrs. Warnock

In honor of Chris Ehrman and Charlene Cariou

In honor of Evidence Review Team, DHQP, CDC
Kathleen Irwin, MD*

In honor of Dr. William H. Foege, EIS ’62
Mary C. Selecky

In honor of Dr. Hudson Garrett
Ms. Ruth Carrico

In honor of Mr. Sean Gavin
Nancy Rausch and Doug Kline

In honor of Ms. Cecilia Goethe
Kyle, Shauna, Nia and Miles Bachmeier
Mr. William Carter
Ken, EIS ’83* and Irene Castro
James S and Cheryl Goethe III
The Kittrell Family
Ms. Theresa Nottingham
Ms. Erica Probst
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Woofter

In honor of Ms. Earnestine Hanson
Mrs. Arlene Hanson Deal*

In honor of Mr. David Harris
Rebecca Harris
Mr. Edward Hirst
Network for Good
Mr. Federico Younes

In honor of Ariel Kanter and Adam Nelson
Dr. Wendy Nelson, EIS ’85

In honor of Dr. B.K. Kapella, EIS ’05*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burleson

In honor of Mr. Martin A. Kaplan
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Emerson

In honor of Mr. Louis Levine
Dr. Rebecca Levine, EIS ’14*

In honor of Dr. Rebecca Levine, EIS ’14*
Ms. Shelley Sturman

In honor of Judith A. Lipshutz*
Laura Angel

In honor of HHS RHA and RD Staff
Dr. Mehran S. Massoudi, EIS ’94

In honor of Ms. Melinda M. Mailhot*

In honor of Dr. Eric E. Mast, EIS ’87

In honor of Dr. Judy Monroe
CIBC World Markets Corporation
Dr. Beth Meyerson
Office of Minority Health and Health Equity, CDC

In honor of David and Mittie Jean Morris
Dr. Darryl Morris

In honor of Dr. James O’Brien
Mrs. Lita Henman

In honor of Mr. Delaney Ourslerhughes
Ms. Jennifer Oursler

In honor of Dr. Mark A. Pallansch*
Eve and Jason Yen

In honor of Bob and Alex Penman
Dick and Marianne Kipper
The Richard E. & Marianne B. Kipper Foundation

In honor of Puerto Rican colleagues at CDC
Dr. Mary Kamb, EIS ’89*

In honor of Mr. Brian Rhea
Paul and Betty Swasko

In honor of Ms. Eula Mae Richardson Harris
Dr. Shereé D. Johnson

In honor of Ms. Khairunnessa Sadiq
Ms. Fatema Sadiq*

In honor of Mr. Rob Savage
Cheryl Robinson

In honor of Frank and Kate Shelledy
Ms. Myra Tucker*

In honor of Mr. Solomon Smith

In honor of Ms. Melody Stevens
Laura Angel

In honor of The Dengue Branch in Puerto Rico
R.F. Helfand, EIS ’92*

In honor of Dr. Carl W. Tyler Jr., EIS ’66
Dr.* and Mrs. Roger W. Rochat, EIS ’68

In honor of Mr. Lucas Unger
Mr. Eugene Unger

In honor of Victims and survivors of Hurricanes Maria and Irma
Dr. Ken Dominguez, EIS ’91*

In honor of Dr. Frank Vinicor
Barbara A. Bowman*

In honor of Dr. Helen Warnock
Dr. David* and Mrs. Warnock

In honor of Stephen H. Waterman, MD, MPH, EIS ’81
Dr. and Mrs. Don Sharp, EIS ’92

In honor of Mr. Paul Wilmor

*  CDC employee or CDC employee at the time of donation

Donor for 5 or more yearsContributor of five or more consecutive years

^  Deceased