Honor Gifts

Fiscal Year 2017 Report to Contributors

In honor of Mr. Matthew Addis
Ms. Ellen McLaughlin Myers

In honor of Ms. Laura Boychenko and Mr. Duncan Gifford
Mr. Kieran Casey

In honor of Ms. Linda Brownell
Ms. Kim Anderson

In honor of Joan and Jeff Burton
Ms. Sheila Conroy

In honor of CDC’s incredible locally employed staff
Lori de Ravello (CGH/OD/OOO)*

In honor of CDI Par Class Winter 2017
Mr. Ellis

In honor of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Hemal and Damini Parikh

In honor of Dr. Tom M. Chiller, EIS ‘01*
Springer Science+Business Media LLC

In honor of Captain Pamela L.Y.H. Ching, EIS ‘92*
Donna Ching and Richard Leman, EIS ‘00
Mrs. Kathryn Loftin
Bruce C. Tierney, MD, BA, EIS ‘01

In honor of Josh Doerfler
Temple Beth Orr

In honor of Mrs. Kelly N. DuBois
Mr. Daniel Suarez-Lopez

In honor of Juleine Ducharme Schmidt
Ms. Ann McCreery

In honor of Ms. Danielle Dykes

In honor of Ms. Kathryn Fiser Rogers
Debra H. Fiser

In honor of Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH, EIS ‘90*
Anonymous (1)
Ms. Aliyah Ali
Raymond J. Baxter, PhD
Bayer Corporation
Leah M. Devlin, DDS, MPH
Dr.* and Mrs. Scott F. Dowell, EIS ‘93
William C. Edens, EIS ‘14*
Henry Falk, EIS ‘72
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, MBA
Ken P. Grossman, MD
Ms. Terri Heyns
Dr. Debra E. Houry*
Peter Kilmarx, EIS ‘94
Ms. Amy Knowlton
Ms. Angela D. Lyons and Family
Ms. Amy Macklin
Dr. Barbara Marston, EIS ‘90*
Elizabeth P. Mercier
Dr. Lisa Mills*
Dr. Judy Monroe and Dr. Robert Lubitz
Pierce and Catherine Nelson
Douglas and Linda Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Chima J. Ohuabunwo, EIS ‘00
Michael S. Phillips, EIS ‘00
Dr. Sonja Rasmussen*
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ratcliffe
Mr. John G. Rice
Heidi M. Soeters, EIS ‘14
Pamela P. Talley, EIS ‘14*
Scott L. Tomar, EIS ‘93
Ms. Chloe Knight Tonney and Mr. Rick Tonney

In honor of William Green

In honor of Goni Har-nov
Temple Beth Orr

In honor of Ms. Jo H. Harrell
Ms. Secily Spain

In honor of Helen, Jeff and Nathan
Ms. Jing Chen

In honor of Dr. Yao-wen Huang
Ms. Jing Chen

In honor of Tori Kaplan
Tori Kaplan
MSA Research

In honor of Ruth J. Katz, JD., MPH
Yale University

In honor of Ms. Amy Leach


In honor of Dr. Steve Lehotay
Ms. Jing Chen

In honor of Karl and Dorothy Lubitz
Dr. Judy Monroe and Dr. Robert Lubitz

In honor of Miss Lily Mahathavorn
Mr. and Mrs. Seeson Mahathavorn

In honor of Ms. Stephanie Maya

In honor of Aniyah Ri’Chelle McWhinney
Ms. Angela D. Lyons and Family

In honor of Dr. Jolinda Mester
Dr. Jason Leider

In honor of Miami Police Officers who are helping the homeless in Florida
Ms. Judith Decker

In honor of Dr. Judy Monroe
Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc.

In honor of Ms. Joan Mullan
Mr. Kevin Goldwater

In honor of Robbi and Frank Munsinger
Ms. Jing Chen

In honor of Mark, my mentor
Mr. Chris Morgan

In honor of Mr. Allan H. Myers
Mr. Bradford Myers* with gratitude from the Division of Communication Services, CDC

In honor of Dr. James O’Brien
Mrs. Lita Henman

In honor of Ohio Health QAPS Department
Mrs. Lita Henman

In honor of Dr. George Paoli
Ms. Jing Chen

In honor of Dr. Marguerite Pappaioanou, EIS ‘83*
Dr. Joann Lindenmayer, EIS ‘92

In honor of Bob and Marrimac Penman
Mr. and Ms. Richard Kipper
The Richard E. & Marianne B. Kipper Foundation

In honor of Ms. Francine Pivinski
Ms. Shelby Boxenbaum

In honor of Dr. Kenneth B. Quinto
Ms. Ginger Ferris

In honor of RMH Infection Prevention Department
Mrs. Lita Henman

In honor of Kelly Schoenbeck and Joel Davis
Mr. Brian Schoenbeck

In honor of Dharmishthaben Shah
Dr. Maura K. Whiteman, EIS ‘02*

In honor of David A. Sleet, PhD, FAAHB*
Drs. Ton deGrauw and Xinyao deGrauw

In honor of Ms. Ruth Smith
Ms. Jing Chen

In honor of Dixie E. Snider, MD, MPH
The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

In honor of Mr. Arjun Srinivasan
ID Care, P.A.

In honor of Jenny and Shu-I Tu
Ms. Jing Chen

In honor of Dave Vaillancourt
Mrs. Patricia Vaillancourt

In honor of Andrew and Emily Webb
Laura Angel
Ms. JoAnn Barte
Mr. Daniel Buettner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Corlew
Ms. Terri Heyns
Ms. Amy Macklin
Mr. Frank McDowell
Janis McNicholas
John and Verla Neslund
Ms. Claire Stinson
Geoff Rothstein and Marina Zevelev

In honor of Ms. Kristin West Berardi
Charlie and Allison Sanders

In honor of Chandi Wijey
Ms. Jing Chen

*  CDC employee or CDC employee at the time of donation

Donor for 5 or more yearsContributor of five or more consecutive years

^  Deceased