Memorial Gifts

Fiscal Year 2016 Report to Contributors

In memory of all gunfire victims on American soil
Mrs. Marian Conway-Santoli

In memory of Thomas A. Bartenfeld III, Ph.D.
Dr. Martha Alexander*

In memory of Mihail G. Baxevanis
Mr. Sotiris Baxevanis

In memory of Philip S. Brachman, M.D., EIS ’54
Dr. Kenneth L. Dominguez, EIS ’91*

In memory of Robert D. Brewer Jr., M.D.*
Bob, EIS ’89* and Evelyn Brewer

In memory of Dr. Gerald R. Cooper
Barbara Bowman*

In memory of Sophia Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg

In memory of Dr. Lloyd Hitchcock
Mr. Edward Hitchcock*

In memory of Delores “Dolly” Hudock
Dr. Claire C. Caruso
Dr. Traci Galinsky and Family

In memory of Mr. Robert A. Keegan
Anonymous (2)
Drs. Carol and Jeffrey Koplan, EIS ’72
The National Association of Retired Federal Employees

In memory of Bill Keene
Ning Rosenthal, EIS ’07

In memory of Mr. Harry Kruse
Dr. Mary Edmonds Cogswell, EIS ’92*

In memory of Ceili Leahy
Mr. William Ward

In memory of Martha Lowe
Janet Arrowsmith, EIS ’84

In memory of Gwendolyn Lyles
Dr. Kimberley Lyles-Folkman*

In memory of Mrs. M. Marleen Manders
Dr. Eric-Jan Manders* and Mrs. Olivia C. Manders

In memory of Louise Martin, D.V.M., M.S., EIS ’85
Ms. Dana M. Hawley

In memory of Mr. Joseph M. and Mrs. Elizabeth H. McKinney
Dr. and Mrs. W. Paul McKinney, EIS ’81Contributor of five or more consecutive years

In memory of Dr. James M. Mendlein, M.P.H., PhD, EIS ’85



In memory of Nile Calvin Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Ty Moss

In memory of Mrs. Christina O’Malley

In memory of Paris shooting victims
Dr. Alexander Tepper

In memory of Norman and Ruth Pascul
Esther Lumsdon

In memory of Sally Schieffelin Potter
Mr. Jay Schieffelin Potter

In memory of Dr. Paul C. Schnitker, EIS ’69
Mona Bleiberg Bennett, M.D., H.M.S. 1967
Lawrence and Anna Kadish
John Schnitker and Elizabeth WeaverContributor of five or more consecutive years

In memory of Dr. Myron G. Schultz, EIS ’63
Drs. Kristie, EIS ’11* and Kevin Clarke, EIS ’11*

In memory of Stephen B. Thacker, M.D., M.Sc., USPHS, EIS ’76
Anonymous (3)
Mr. Richard Bernstein
Sally E. Brown, R.N., EIS ’97*
Joan Cioffi, Ph.D.
Dr. Kenneth L. Dominguez, EIS ’91*
Kelly and Dustin Goossens
Dr. and Mrs. James Hughes, EIS ’73Contributor of five or more consecutive years

In memory of Mr. Milan Uroic
Dr. Tanja Popovic

In memory of victims of Pakistan Polio Bombing - January 13, 2016
Ms. Kris Tsau

In memory of Thomas R. Waters, Ph.D.
Mr. Bevin Borchers
Dr. William L. Budde
Dr. Greg Carlsen and Christy Carlsen, P.A.-C
Ed and Joyce Carr
Rick and Karen Crema
Robert B. Dick, Ph.D., Capt., USPHS (Ret.)
Ms. Bonnie Gilstad
Thomas Hales, M.D., M.P.H., EIS ’86*
Ira Janowitz
Dr. and Mrs. William S. Marras
Ms. Meg Murray
Scott and Kendall Nash
Dan Payne
Mrs. Julia Scarlato
Dr. Barbara A. Silverstein
Fran Vincent
Rebecca Waters
Ms. Nora W. Williams
Sandra M. Woolley, Ph.D., CPE

In memory of Dr. Michael H. Wilder, EIS ’73
Ms. Tracey Burdick