Public-Private Partnership Policies and Guidelines

When an external partner provides funding to a government agency, questions sometimes arise. People want to know why anyone would want to give money to a government agency and what insurances are in place to guard against inappropriate external influence on programs or outcomes.

Authorized by Congress, the CDC Foundation was created to facilitate partnerships between CDC and the private sector. In that role, we help ensure that programs will have a meaningful impact for CDC, complement CDC’s priorities and ongoing work, and present no conflict of interest for CDC or the CDC Foundation. CDC and HHS have comprehensive policies and guidelines governing partnerships and acceptance of gifts, which are considered even before a project concept is submitted to the Foundation.

To help address questions about our relationship with CDC and our partnership-building process, we have developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. We have also posted links to several documents outlining CDC's policies for working with partner organizations. If you have additional questions relating to these issues, please contact us at 404.653.0790.

CDC Foundation

Public-Private Partnerships: An FAQ


CDC Foundation Guiding Principles for Partner Collaboration


CDC Foundation Founding Legislation



Department of Health and Human Services Conflict of Interest Guidance

CDC's Policies for Advancing Scientific Excellence and Integrity