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Welcome to Business Pulse, a feature that offers businesses useful resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Explore benefits associated with CDC’s work to protect Americans—including businesses and their workforces—from chronic threats that impact health and productivity to major health emergencies. Produced by the CDC Foundation, Business Pulse focuses on a different topic each quarter.

Flu Prevention



Flu Prevention

Influenza causes thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in lost productivity each year in the United States. Learn from CDC how your business can help keep its employees healthy this flu season.



Travelers Health



Travelers' Health

Travel is a cost of doing business in today’s globally connected economy. Learn how CDC’s Travelers’ Health resources work to protect international business travelers—and the bottom line—from various health risks.



Business Pulse-Global Health Security



Global Health Security

New infectious diseases are emerging. And in our globalized world, microbes can travel across the globe in a matter of hours, causing potentially fatal illness and bringing business to a halt. Find out how CDC is advancing the world’s ability to prevent, detect and quickly respond to threats.


Business Pulse-Safe Healthcare



Safe Healthcare

The growing problems of healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic resistance cause tens of thousands of deaths and add billions to our nation’s healthcare costs, much of which is preventable. Learn how CDC is both working with the healthcare industry to solve these problems and educating the public about how to prevent them.


Business Pulse



Business Continuity

Resources about CDC’s work to help protect business from everyday health threats and major health emergencies and tips to preserve continuity of operations and protect business before a crisis strikes.