Keeping Patients Safe

Many infections in healthcare settings are preventable. The CDC Foundation is working with patients, families and healthcare providers to raise awareness and reduce the risk of infection in patients.

cancer patientReducing Infections in Cancer Patients
A partnership with Amgen has developed a comprehensive education campaign targeting cancer patients, their families and their providers to help reduce the risk of patients developing infections during chemotherapy treatment in outpatient offices, hospitals and homes. This program has provided action steps and tools for patients, families and healthcare providers including an educational website, print materials and expert commentary through Medscape.

Each year, an estimated 60,000 patients are hospitalized for infections from treatment associated with chemotherapy, and a patient dies every two hours from this complication.

Safe InjectionSafe Injection Practices Coalition (SIPC)
CDC Foundation is the coalition convener of the SIPC, comprised of 19 members. The Coalition developed the “One & Only Campaign” to raise awareness among patients and healthcare providers about how single dose vials are to be used for only one patient in an effort to eradicate outbreaks resulting from unsafe injection practices. SIPC has created educational resources for patients and training materials for providers, including healthcare provider and state health department toolkits.


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