Message from the President and CEO

Dear Friends: 

CDC is dedicated to a single mission: protecting Americans from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and domestic. That’s a big mission. Even when the economy is strong, CDC scientists have a long “if only” list. If only there were more resources, we could expand a successful immunization program to save more lives. With just a little more funding, we could launch a program to protect more people from liver disease. In today’s tough economy, that “if only” list is getting longer. 

CDC Foundation partnerships expand possibilities for CDC. With private-sector resources from foundations, corporations, organizations and individuals, the CDC Foundation helps CDC launch new programs, expand existing programs that show promise, or demonstrate success with a pilot project before scaling it up. In each partnership, outside support gives CDC experts the flexibility to quickly and effectively connect with the right partners, information and technology needed to protect people and save lives.

During a recent strategic planning effort, we looked at how we could build on our history of success serving as a bridge between CDC and the private sector to have even greater impact for CDC. In doing so, we posed our own “if only” statement. If only more corporate leaders understood what CDC does and why it’s important. In response, we added a new strategy to our core business. We are reaching out to a wider spectrum of leaders in the private sector and educating them about CDC’s vital role in protecting American businesses and communities from health and security threats.

Through unique, behind-the-scenes experiences at CDC and engaging interactions with CDC leaders and scientists, we hope to move private-sector leaders from knowledge about CDC’s work, to admiration for CDC’s people and programs, to action – exploring partnership opportunities with CDC and sharing what they’ve learned about CDC with their colleagues. We believe the initiative will strengthen support and resources for CDC and create unique opportunities for our partners to engage with CDC in ways that meet both their philanthropic and business objectives.

As government resources for CDC and its partners at the state and local levels diminish, our role – and the role of the private sector – become increasingly important. CDC protects all of us. Thank you for working with us to fill funding gaps and provide valuable flexibility for CDC. With the world a dangerous place, we need CDC.  And CDC needs you.

Best Regards,
Charles Stokes
President and CEO


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