Our Staff

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President's Office

Judith Monroe, MD, FAAFP - President and CEO

Sandra Bien-Aimé - Executive Assistant

External Affairs

Chloe Knight Tonney - Senior Vice President for External Affairs

Dee Dee Honaman - Director of Special Projects

Amy Macklin - Senior External Affairs Officer

Jan McNicholas - Special Assistant for External Affairs

Elizabeth-Ann Wieber - Director of External Affairs


Betty Wolf - Vice President for Advancement

Laura Angel - Associate Vice President for Advancement

Courtney Bartels - Senior Meeting Planner

Anne Blankinship  - Research Analyst

Rachel Jackson - Senior Advancement Officer

Angela Lyons - Manager of Advancement Services

Emily Mitchell - Manager of Stewardship

Natalie Palmer - Manager of Advancement Services

Diana Robelotto - Director of Alumni Affairs

Sarah Ruppersburg - Senior Advancement Officer

Alison Thompson, M.P.A. - Director of Public-Private Partnerships


Verla S. Neslund, J.D. - Vice President for Programs

Linda McGehee, Ph.D., R.N - Associate Vice President for Programs

Melissa Bennett - Program Specialist

Reema Bhakta, M.P.A. - Senior Program Officer

Bernice B. Bronson, M.P.H. - Senior Program Officer

Katherine Bruss, Psy.D. - Senior Program Officer

Phillippa Chadd, M.P.H. - Senior Program Officer

Rachna Chandora, M.P.H. - Senior Program Officer and Coordinator for Program Development, Tobacco Control

Madhu Chaudhary-Webb* - Program Officer

Rebecca Cook, M.P.H. - Senior Program Officer

Francine Dawkins - Travel Specialist

Christine Duchatellier, M.S.P.H. - Coordinator, Haiti Office, Malaria Zero

Amanda Gailey, M.P.H. - Program Officer

Brian Graaf, M.P.A. - Senior Program Officer

Connie Granoff - Coordinator for Program Services, Tobacco Control

Barbara Hopkins, M.P.H. - Senior Program Officer

Cho-Yau Ling - Senior Program Officer

Deborah Magsaysay - Program Officer

Marquita McMichael - Budget Analyst

Michelle Panneton - Senior Program Officer

William C. Parra, M.S. - Executive Director of the Secretariat, Malaria Zero

Sarita Pathak, M.P.H. - Program Officer, Tobacco Control

Sara Sandlin - Senior Program Officer

Sekou Sidibe, M.P.H. - Senior Program Officer

Turquoise Sidibe, M.P.H. - Senior Program Officer

Brandon Talley, M.P.H. - Associate Vice President for Programs, Tobacco Control

Catherine Zilber, MSc - Senior Program Officer


Pierce Nelson - Vice President for Communications

Terri Heyns, M.A. - Associate Vice President for Communications

Natalie Duggan  - Communications Specialist

Claire Greenwell  - Communications Officer

Lisa Splitlog - Director, CDC Value Communications

Amy Tolchinsky - Communications Officer


Paula Jasina - Chief Financial Officer

Cullen Bryenton, CPA - Associate Vice President for Finance

Gale Allgood-Patton, M.B.A. - Finance Director

Judy Preston - Accounts Payable Manager

Elliot Simmons - Senior Accountant


Chantana Adams - HR/Administrative Coordinator

Kevin Boston - Director of Information Technology

Sylvia Brooks - Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Polly Wallace - Director of Administration and HR