Organizing an Event

You should collaborate with local leaders to determine the goals and purpose of your meta-leadership event. Ideally, your event should introduce the concept of meta-leadership and its implications for participants and then guide participants through a discussion of local preparedness gaps and opportunities.

The Model: Meta-Leadership Summit for Preparedness

Meta-Leadership Summit

The Meta-Leadership Summit for Preparedness is a dynamic curriculum designed by Harvard University faculty and tailored to the challenges business, government and nonprofit leaders face. Through exercises, case studies and didactic instruction, participants gain critical problem-solving skills and build organizational connections that will strengthen community and statewide preparedness for responding to emergencies.

Summit Objectives

Objective 1: The Person as a Meta-Leader

Each individual evaluates and understands his or her strengths and weaknesses as a leader during times of crisis. Topics include emotional intelligence, perceptions of risk and reward and situational awareness.

Objective 2: Creating Organizational Connectivity

Participants identify the organizational connections and individual partnerships that must be established before disaster strikes. This session focuses on leading the organizational unit, as well as leading up and across organizational lines.

Objective 3: Practicing Meta-Leadership

Individuals learn how and when to apply meta-leadership tools and techniques, begin to identify resources and expertise across sectors and explore how collaboration can strengthen preparedness, response and recovery. The Summit uses the Gaps, Gives and Gets framework for this discussion.

Gaps: overall system deficiencies

Gives: what your organization has to offer before or during a response

Gets: what your organization needs to be of assistance


Summit Schedule

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