Examples of Meta-Leadership in Action

Meta-leaders across the nation are working together to build stronger, more connected, more resilient communities.

Oil SpillNew Jersey - Commander Benjamin Cooper put meta-leadership into action when he was assigned to respond to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, a task requiring tremendous leadership, team coordination, and resiliency.

MinneapolisMinneapolis - The Meta-Leadership Summit was the perfect launching pad for a new Downtown Emergency Advisory Committee, uniting a diverse group of business, government and nonprofit partners.

Deanna Harris

NE Ohio - As a member of the Ohio Emergency Medical Services Board, Deanna Harris encourages board members to think creatively about non-traditional resources and partners to strengthen the state’s emergency planning efforts.

Boston Center for ArtsBoston - The Boston Center for the Arts has raised awareness of how disaster could impact non-traditional community partners and integrated the meta-leadership concepts into their own training platform.

ChicagoIllinois - Eight meta-leaders who participated in a fellowship program made the case for the nation’s first Meta-Leadership Institute and applied meta-leadership to community issues beyond preparedness.

Kay Wilkins - Red CrossSoutheast Louisiana - Following the Gulf oil spill, Southeast Louisiana meta-leaders developed a proposal template and process for BP-funded emotional support services that are essential to long-term community support.



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