Meta-Leadership Summit Resource Center

An Organizing Guide for Planning a Meta-Leadership Event
in Your Community

The Meta-Leadership Summit for Preparedness, a five-year initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a model approach for bringing communities together to improve emergency preparedness and build community resilience. From 2006 through 2011, initiative partners organized and hosted 36 Summits across the country, training 5,000 business, government and nonprofit leaders in meta-leadership concepts. The CDC Foundation partnered with CDC, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative-Harvard School of Public Health to host the successful networking and training events.

While the Meta-Leadership Summit for Preparedness initiative has concluded, and the CDC Foundation is no longer organizing Summits, this Meta-Leadership Summit Resource Center is designed to help meta-leaders – and prospective meta-leaders – build on the meta-leadership model. Although not a substitute for the Meta-Leadership Summit for Preparedness program, the Resource Center provides templates, samples, idea starters and videos that may help you initiate or continue meta-leadership activities in your community.

Avis Gray - Meta-LeadershipWhat is Meta-Leadership?
  >Who is Working on Meta-Leadership?
  >Leaders in the Field


Meta-Leadership PublicationHow to Introduce Meta-Leadership in Your Community 
  >Finding Hosts and Sponsors
  >Inviting Participants 
  >Organizing an Event
  >Measuring Success


Meta-Leadership EventMaking Meta-Leadership Work 
  >Examples of Meta-Leadership in Action
  >Continuing the Momentum
  >Connecting with Meta-Leaders