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When Science Inspires

Students from the Portfolio Center were chosen to work with the CDC Foundation to execute designs promoting the idea “CDC works 24/7.”

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Putting CDC's Public Health Work in Focus

The end of a calendar year provides an opportunity for reflecting on the previous year and looking forward to the one ahead. For the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2012 was a very active and effective year.

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Why Support Public Health: Give a Gift, Save a Life

I imagine many of you make contributions to one nonprofit or another. The reasons behind your giving are quite diverse – you believe in the cause; you want to honor or remember someone through a gift in their name; or you are looking for a tax deduction. 

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Project Wildfire: A Community Approach to Surviving Wildfires

We’re proud to be one of the seven community organizations selected as a promising example of FEMA’s Whole Community model. We look forward to highlighting the progress we’ve made toward preparedness in Deschutes County, Oregon and contributing to a national effort to make sure America is prepared for emergencies.

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Former CDC Directors Want Well-resourced CDC for Next Outbreak

Six former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) directors (Drs. Foege, Gerberding, Koplan, Mason, Roper and Satcher) penned an opinion piece calling for federal policymakers to ensure that CDC remains well-resourced to fight disease outbreaks as well as the growing burden of chronic diseases in America.

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Public-Private Partnerships Are Vital to Address Public Health Problems

Last week I read with interest former CDC Director William Foege’s article in the Washington Post on the public-private partnership that was developed to address the debilitating disease of river blindness, or Onchocerciasis.

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CDC Celebrates 20 Years of Leadership in Injury Prevention

The CDC Foundation is proud to build partnerships on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. This year, the center is celebrating 20 years of leadership in programs aimed at preventing injuries in the United States and in a number of countries overseas.

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World Polio Day - CDC's Role in Disease Eradication

Today is World Polio Day, a day to raise awareness, celebrate progress and focus on the urgency of the disease as CDC and its global partners continue the push to eradicate polio. 

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Honoring President Carter: Q & A with Oz Nelson

The Carter Center became Jimmy Carter's second career, and much of the work of the Center is about improving public health, effectively changing the health of millions of people. I don’t know what’s more heroic than that.

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CDC Coordinates Response to Meningitis Outbreak

CDC works to coordinate the public health response to the ongoing fungal meningitis outbreak.

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Q & A with New Board Member Leah Devlin

I knew about the CDC Foundation’s work through my years as a local health and state health director, and I valued the notion that a nimble partner with a governmental agency is important in today’s environment.

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Tour Highlights Business Connection for CDC's National Health Research
Business and civic leaders learned how CDC’s work is essential to a healthy economy during a behind-the-scenes tour of CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) mobile exam center.
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CDC and a Healthy Economy: 5 Questions for Dr. Ron Goetzel

If you compare the performance of a business with healthy employees against one with unhealthy employees, the business with healthy workers will win every time.

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CDC Museum is Open this Saturday for Smithsonian Museum Day

The David J. Sencer CDC Museum will be open the only Saturday of the year on September 29 for the Smithsonian Museum Day. Visit the new, interactive exhibit – Cells: The Universe Inside Us.

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CDC Foundation Ranked One of Atlanta's Top 20 Charities

According to a recent report by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the CDC Foundation ranks as one of Atlanta's top charities – number 17 on the Chronicle's list of Atlanta's 50 Largest Nonprofit Organizations. The Chronicle ranked charities based on total 2011 annual revenue.

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Foundation’s Financial Health Rating Gives Our Partners Peace of Mind

For the sixth year in a row, the CDC Foundation earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. We have a great staff, and I know we’re doing good work; across the organization professionals here at the Foundation demonstrate their dedication to effective stewardship and the advancement of CDC's work on a daily basis.

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Being Prepared, Responding When Called

Recent headlines about West Nile Virus, hurricanes and hantavirus are an important reminder of how critical it is for public health experts to prepare for and respond to crises that affect entire communities.

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Tropical Storm Isaac: CDC is ready.

While most people understand  the role of first responders the work of public health experts before, during and after a crisis is less known, but equally important.

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New Tool to Prevent Infections During Chemotherapy

I am an oncologist and medical officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I recently provided an expert commentary on Medscape about an educational website aimed at reducing infections in cancer patients.

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Importance of Partnerships Focus of Faces of Public Health Series

I was pleased to have the opportunity recently to discuss public-private partnerships with Fran Kritz for NewPublic Health, a blog of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. A Q&A of our conversation is posted today, as part of their Faces of Public Health editorial series.

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