Shattering the Silence

Amy RobbinsSexual violence against girls is the problem that nobody wants to talk about. It’s not only an uncomfortable topic, but there’s also a lot of denial around the issue. No one wants to believe that sexual violence against 8-, 9- and 10-year-old girls is going on in their own neighborhood, or in their country. Yet the truth is that worldwide as many as 150 million girls a year experience some form of sexual violence.

What can be done about it? You start by breaking through the denial with credible data and facts. You educate heads of households, faith leaders, school leaders and other community influencers. You work with governments to enforce existing laws and write new ones. There is so much that needs to be done, and it requires a multi-level, multi-strategy approach. That’s where our partnership with the CDC Foundation has been so beneficial.

The people at the CDC Foundation are experts at mobilizing change. They bring the right resources to the table – from CDC experts and global partners to funding and manpower on the ground.

For years CDC has been instrumental in figuring things out when no one else could. Now, through the CDC Foundation, we’re able to tap into that wisdom.

Amy Robbins is a CDC Foundation board member and the founder of the Nduna Foundation, which provides targeted interventions in the most critical humanitarian situations. Through the Together for Girls initiative, the Nduna Foundation is partnering with CDC, the CDC Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, UNICEF and others on an initiative to eradicate sexual violence against girls. Learn more at

Laura Angel

Through my work on the Together for Girls project as a CDC Foundation advancement officer, I believe that the CDC’s role in leading global surveillance of this work is a vital first step to shining a light on the prevalence and pervasiveness of violence against children globally.

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